President's Message

Takashi Higashiguchi, Japan
President IASMEN


Welcome to the International Association for Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition IASMEN !  I feel honored to state this introductory remark on this homepage.


IASMEN is a global Society initially founded to be engaged in the nutritional care for surgical patients. It has expanded its field by intensifying research in the fields of clinical nutrition and metabolism.


Actually, IASMEN has been growing and developing for a quarter of a century since its' foundation in 1993. The establishment of this society marked a significant milestone in the field of surgery because nutrition and metabolism form the fundamentals of our lives and play the essential role for our biofunction. The recognition of its importance was originated from the field of surgery and has been acknowledged widely in clinical medicine. It has been flourished and evidenced by the effort of the intellectual scientific research. I deeply appreciate that this IASMEN is considered distinguished and erudite society in the ISS/SIC.


Our mission is to investigate biological reaction and nutrient metabolism toward not only the surgical stress but any pathological condition by basic and clinical research. We need to keep creating the firm basis of the knowledge about nutrition and metabolism in the field of surgery and making contribution to the evolution of current medical science.


IASMEN holds a biennial congress with the World congress of Surgery WCS (formerly International Surgical Week) arranged by all member societies within the ISS/SIC. It will be the passionate opportunity to enhance our knowledge and further attract interests of young surgeons. Participation from all over the world and hot discussion with comrade will be expected.


IASMEN membership can be attained by filling out the application according to the instructions. Just click here to get the instructions and the application forms.

IASMEN members are automatically also accepted as members of the ISS/SIC, and as such receive the official journal of the societies; the World Journal of Surgery. In addition, IASMEN members have reduced congress fees at the biennial World Congress of Surgery.


Finally, as an active member of IASMEN you will have some of the worldwide experts in the field of surgical nutrition and metabolism close by within the same society.


Please join us and let me welcome you to IASMEN. I hopefully expect to find you at our next congress as a member of our Society. We await you to share our passion together and make a great start of another quarter century!


Best wishes,


Takashi Higashiguchi
President of IASMEN
Professor & Director of Department of Surgery & Palliative Medicine
Fujita Health University School of Medicine, Japan


Elections were held for the new Executive Council for 2017-2019 and the following office bearers in IASMEN were elected.


President: Professor Takashi Higashiguchi, Japan


Past President and Vice-President: Professor Dileep N. Lobo, UK


President Elect: Professor Anders Thorell, Sweden


Secretary and Treasurer: Professor Joji Kotani, Japan


Membership Secretary: Professor Ho-Seong Han, South Korea


Programme Chair: Professor Steven E. Wolf, USA


Member at Large: Professor Olle Ljungqvist, Sweden

The new Executive Council Members of IASMEN, 2017-2019, at Basel, Switzerland


Professor Olle Ljungqvist (Former President), Professor Anders Thorell (President Elect), Professor Takashi Higashiguchi (President), Professor Dileep N. Lobo (Past President): The Presidents of IASMEN at Basel, Switzerland, 2017