Anders Thorell, Sweden
President IASMEN

IASMEN Newsletter


Dear IASMEN members


As all are aware, today´s reality is continuously changing, which also affects ISS/SIC´s as well as the Integrated Societies´ activities.


During the spring/summer 2020, the IASMEN Executive Committee has held repeated video conferences in order to finalize the scientific programme for ISW 2021 in Kuala Lumpur. The IASMEN programme was somewhat extended compared to previously congresses and included 6 Main Sessions of which 5 were collaborative with other Integrated Societies and one being an IASMEN only session. In addition, two State-of-the-Art sessions were planned with the titles ERAS and LONG TERM CANCER OUTCOMES (Olle Ljungqvist) and “PREHABILITATION IN ELECTIVE SURGERY: DOES IT WORK?” (Mattias Soop), respectively. Except for some local contributors, all invited speakers are approached and have confirmed their participation.


Although not completely unexpected, in August we were all informed that ISW 2021 will be postponed to 2022. We all accept and agree that this is an appropriate decision. However, the question as to what extent some virtual alternatives, such as webinars, to cover for the lack of activities in ISS/SIC during this long period is yet to be finally answered. Nevertheless, we all expect that we will be able to meet the need for updates and educational activities in this very unfortunate situation which is beyond our control and has affected us all. We intend to continuously post information on the progress in this respect on our website in order to facilitate planning for all members and other interested colleagues/students.


In parallel, the IASMEN Executive Committee (and in particular Joji Kotani, Japan), has made efforts in order to improve IASMEN SNS (Social Network Service) activities. In collaboration with Denise Eggler Braun at the Administrative Office ISS/SIC, we have agreed that support will be given in order to the setup of a Facebook page and a Twitter account, which will be launched November 1st, 2020 with weekly feeds after that. We have good hope that this will improve our visibility and provide relevant information to all with an interest in our various fields.


Examples of issues intended to be posted:

  • Introduction of the members of the IASMEN Executive Committee

  • Highlights from the ISW 2019 in Krakow, Poland

  • Highlighting of IASMEN related articles recently published in World Journal of Surgery

  • “Journal Club” activities

  • Webinars


We realize that these improvements of the IASMEN activities also call for some changes in the constitution of members in the IASMEN Executive Committee, not least due to the increased workload associated with the SNS activities mentioned above.


According to the IASMEN statutes, changes in the constitution of the Executive Committee should be decided at the General Assembly during the biannual congresses. However, due to the extraordinary current situation, with a hiatus of three years between two consecutive meetings we are suggesting the following:


  • Dileep N. Lobo, UK: (formerly IASMEN Secretary General & Treasurer) shall act as IASMEN Treasurer only.

  • Joji Kotani, Japan: (formerly SNS Communication) shall take the role as IASMEN Secretary General.

  • Naomi Nakayama, Japan: (new) shall act as the IASMEN Secretary SNS Communication (Social Network Service) and will be a new member of the IASMEN Executive Committee.

  • Anders Thorell, Sweden (President), Ho-Seong Han, South Korea (Scientific chair) and Steven Wolf (President elect) will remain for an extended total period of 3 years.

  • Chris Storz has approached all members by mail for information and to give opportunity to object. (A formal Ballot not considered necessary).


With hope to be able to communicate further in the near future and with best wishes to all.


Anders Thorell

President IASMEN